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A Tale of Love and Beauty: My Journey as a Hair and Makeup Artist at a Destination Wedding in the Bahamas

Updated: Jun 3

Bride and groom after beautiful ceremony in the Bahamas. Flowers by Tulipina Designs, photos by Jose Villa, Location The Cloisters Four Seasons Ocean Club Bahamas.
Happy Couple married at The Cloisters Four Seasons Bahamas

Once upon a time, amidst the azure waters and sun-kissed shores of the Bahamas, a love story unfolded—a tale as timeless as the sands beneath our feet.

Picture this: a classic spring wedding at the Cloisters of the Four Seasons Ocean Club Bahamas, florals transporting you a state of an idyllic dream by Tulipina Designs , and every detail submitted to perfection by a Piper and Muse production. This is where I had the pleasure of wielding my brushes and potions to transform a bride, her mother and maid of honor into the radiant beauties they were meant to be.

Ah, but before the magic could unfold, there was much preparation to be done! My kit is usually about 90 pounds spanning over two pieces of luggage. For this event, however, I consolidated down to my trusty 26L backpack from Calpak equipped with my Entclés’ The Box and HTC loaded with all necessary beauty essentials. Once my travel kit was packed and ready, I embarked on a journey to ensure that every curl was coiffed and every lip perfectly painted.

As with any grand adventure, there were challenges to be faced along the way. Navigating the labyrinthine halls of Atlantis to reach the Four Seasons each day was no small feat, but with a bit of Bahamian hospitality and a sprinkle of wit, I arrived at my destination with a smile on my face and a skip in my step eternally grateful I packed light!

Bride and groom walking the isles of The Cloisters Four Seasons Ocean Club Bahamas. Drone shot by Nancy Villa, photos by Jose Villa, flowers by Tulipina Designs, wedding planner Piper&Muse.
Happy Bride and Groom walking through the Cloisters Four Seasons Ocean Club Bahamas

Amidst the chaos and excitement of a three-day wedding extravaganza, there were moments of pure magic that warmed my heart. Watching the bride and groom laugh and reminisce over their friends' Instagram stories the morning after the wedding day was a sight to behold—a reminder that love truly conquers all, even exhaustion.

For the bride, beauty was not just about looking good—it was about feeling like the best version of herself on the most important day of her life. With each brushstroke and dab of makeup, I endeavored to capture her essence and enhance her natural beauty. Nothing overdone or “trendy”. My goal was to create looks that would stand the test of time. Wedding looks that wouldn’t incite horror and regret, yet instead bring tears of joy to her eyes when she looked back on her wedding day photos years from now.

Bride making a toast and showing off her makeup look to her maids.
BTS of bride getting hair and makeup ready at villa

To all the destination brides-to-be dreaming of their own magical weddings, a good

wedding planner is essential to ensuring your special day isn’t filled with stress and chaos. Piper & Muse, who was the planner for this spectacular event, knew all the vendors and exactly who to contact to create the world my bride and groom wanted to live in for those three days. And while it might seem like an unnecessary luxury to fly your favorite artist to your destination for glam let me provide a little perspective. Your artist is one of your biggest energy sources on a very hectic & emotional day. A day filled with high stakes emotions requires a specific type of energy. Having your favorite artist on hand whose aesthetic, energy, language and culture align will ensure you feel calm, taken care of and supported.

I offer these final words of advice from the depths of my heart: surround yourself with people who lift you up and make you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself. And so, dear readers, my journey as a hair and makeup artist at a destination wedding in the Bahamas comes to a close—a whirlwind of love, laughter, and beauty that will forever hold a special place in my heart.


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