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Chicago Born Texas raised Dork, frolicking around Cali with lipstick and hairspray

How did I get here?

The short version, it’s been my path since I was young and sunny California is a great place to end up when you’re a hair stylist and makeup artist. Long version, it all started with MTV house of style. In the 90's it was all about the super model & fashion. There were entire networks devoted to fashion. I would obsessively watch runway shows and anything involving fashion and beauty. I knew I'd be in some avenue of the fashion world. The obvious choice for a little girl obsessed with the runway was fashion design.  After taking up sewing in high school and becoming quit good at it I happened upon the Kevin Aucoin, Changing Faces book. That encounter changed everything! I put aside my sewing kit and picked up makeup brushes, and it’s been lipstick and hair spray ever since!  Spending the early part of my career freelancing doing weddings, pageants and special events. I got to Los Angeles in 2012 thinking I’d only try it out for a year, completely oblivious to the fact that sunshine, perfect weather, and close proximity to all the outdoor adventures I love was what made LA impossible to leave. So here I am, reluctant to say I am an Angeleno, but not leaving anytime soon. 

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