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612 S Broadway 

Los Angeles, CA 90014


PARKING INSTRUCTIONS! PLEASE READ AND BECOME FAMILAR BEFORE HEADING THIS WAY You can feel free to park on either side of the street on Broadway. If you are scheduled at 9am or before there is usually plenty of free parking right in front of the building. If you dont see any parking or do not feel comfortable parking on the street, feel free to park wherever you like. I prefer the parking garage listed below. It is $15 CASH and you will exit right outside of my building so super safe and easy. ** PLEASE READ AND BE FAMILIAR WITH THE FOLLOWING PARKING GUIDE  if you are parking anywhere other than on the street in front of the  612 s Broadway address or the two parking structures below, chances are you’re parking too far!! EASY PARKING ADDRESS AND INSTRUCTIONS: 226 w 6th street  Los Angeles,ca  (On 6th between broadway and spring on the right hand side located right after passing Broadway. You’ll have to pay attention. 6th street is a one way street and the garage is on the right hand side RIGHT AFTER PASSING BROADWAY, (you’ll see an opening to to take a ramp going down)  If you park at this garage once you’re up the stairs (dont walk up the driving ramp, take the stairs) & out of the building … my building, 612 Broadway (Bond Collective on the placard) is right next door to the left.  ***There’s also another parking garage across the street from my location ***ON BROADWAY**** and just a few buildings down between 6th & 7th  just two buildings before reaching 7th street. The address is:   639 S Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90014  These are the two recommended parking locations. PLEASE DO NOT PARK BLOCKS AWAY!! It’s not safe and it’ll mess up the the timing. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and plan ahead so your arrival can be smooth and anxiety free ◡̈

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