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Self Discovery and Goal Achievement: The Ultimate Planner to get you there.

Creator Ashanta holding up the leather refillable yearly planner partially covering her face like shes’s keeping a secret.
Discover The Artist’s Planner

I created The Artist’s Planner because I LOVE being organized and though I still use my ICal nothing is better than a pen a paper. The physical reactions and connections in my mind and soul when I physically write down my goals, tasks, affirmations and then visually see it all mapped out IN MY hand writing. And while there’s a lot of planners out there that are great, none were EXACTLY what I needed and wanted to stay motivated. So I designed one. It’s based in planning SMART, mapping long-term and short-term goals with checkin monthly and quarterly to ensure I am staying on track with the goals I set out for at the beginning of the year. Goals centered around financial, physical and mental health, romantic & familiar relationships and personal growth & aspirations. I think it’s designed to gain control over aspect of life. Making life happen for me instead of to me.

This year I decided to include the option for a lunar calendar. For centuries, civilizations have looked to the moon as a symbol of timekeeping and guidance. Its phases not only mark the passage of days but also hold significance in agriculture, spirituality, and cultural traditions. While on the western hemisphere most of us start our year January 1st there are a great many who are wanting to get back to the roots of being more aligned to the timing of creation and/or have grown up their whole lives with this calendar. I believe that the earth has it’s own time keeping that humans are not capable of interrupting or forcing into submission for our own convenience. Did you know that even bread makers follow the phase of the moon to determine the rising of their dough? I think it’s interesting to be more aware of our creation and how our natural environment reacts within the planet when left uninterrupted by human conveniences. Does this mean I’ll switch to lunar calendar?

A refillable leather cover yearly planner displayed on the beach. The best time to plan is in a place of solace and comfort.
The lunar new year began February 10th

Probably not…. But I do like being AWARE of the natural happenings around me.

Understanding the natural cycles of our environment or even within our own bodies will help us have a little more grace with ourselves while on our path to achieving our goals. I based the planner around planning SMART because setting goals is essential for growth, making goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound— keeps us on track and set up for success. The Artist’s Planner provides the framework and tools to turn my dreams into actionable plans. Planning smart and breaking down larger goals into smaller goals and wins keeps gives me affirmations that I’m on the right path, keeps me motivated and is sustainable even when the cycle of productivity is lower. It’s the ultimate tool tool for self discovery and goal achievement. Did you know that females have times during the month when they are just instinctually more productive and likely to complete tasks? And, conversely there are phases where even if the time permits she may just not have the mental capacity to work toward her future self? And this is all ok! Whether its a high productivity phase or low motivation slump goals consistent striving toward goals is still achievable and those low slumps can be less discouraging. This was the case for me when I started working on finding my WHY.

Understanding your WHY—the driving force behind your actions and aspirations—is key to living a fulfilling life. That’s where ikigai comes in. This Japanese concept, which translates to “a reason for being,” helps you uncover your passion, talents, and the impact you want to make on the world. I added a template to figuring out your Ikigai to The Artist’s Planner, it is one of first pages because without knowing your reason for being… why do anything? They say “how you do anything is how you do everything” and if you do anything with purpose aligned with your WHY then everything you so will be set up to benefit your future self and others.

I think The Artist’s Planner is more than just a planner—it’s a roadmap to your best self. With features like long-term and short-term goal setting, an ikigai chart, vision board, and affirmation visualization, it empowers me and hopefully you to take control of your life and create a world for yourself that aligns with your deepest desires. Whether you’re a seasoned goal-setter or just starting out on your personal development journey, The Artist’s Planner is your ultimate companion for success and fulfillment.

As we journey into the new lunar year, the power of SMART planning, and the clarity of finding our WHY. With The Artist’s Planner by our side, the possibilities are endless. So, are you ready to unleash your full potential and create the life of your dreams? The adventure awaits! 🌙✨

A gif displaying the benefits of The Artist’s Planner
The Artist’s Planner


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