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Get Camera-Ready with Ease: Let’s Talk Prep and Go Hair & Makeup Sessions

Updated: Mar 5

All hair and makeup shown are applications done at my studio. Some photos are taken in my studio and others at events and shoots after.
Prep & Go’s done at the my studio

My Prep & Go sessions are designed to be your solution for getting your hair and makeup done hassle-free. Here in Downtown LA, I'm all about keeping things easy, affordable, and tailored just for you.

So, why do I offer this service? Simple – I know not everyone needs the luxury of an on location glam squad. By meeting up at my studio, you skip the travel costs and get the same professional touch without the extra fuss.

Whether you're aiming for a natural, everyday look for headshots, a reel scene or full-on glam for a big event, I've got you covered. Choose from a quick 45-minute prep and go session for $125 or indulge in a 2-hour full glam prep and go session for $250. It's all about giving you the flexibility to pick what works best for you.

What can you expect when you swing by? A cozy setup in the beautiful Bond Collective building, complete with a Nespresso machine and a selection of teas, beer, and kombucha on tap. Plus, I know the ins and outs of the parking situation with detailed instructions to make your arrival stress-free.

Now, who's this service perfect for? Well, pretty much everyone! Whether you've got a wedding coming up, a photoshoot on the horizon, or just want to treat yourself to a little extra pampering, I've got your back.

ATTENTION ALL MY ACTORS: I've worked with some top Los Angeles headshot photographers like (in no particular order, check out their IG’s so see who’s work resonates with you the most) Jonny Marlow, Ben Cope, David Muller, James Depietro, Matt Kallish, Tandem Photography, Stephanie Girard, Leah Huebner and Dana Patrick these

photographers often give the option to come hair and makeup ready vs having an artist on set. Coming to me first allows you to have professional hair and makeup done by someone who understands the industry standards and the lighting and makeup preferences of these top headshot photographers, without the additional cost of having me on set with you. So, if you want to ensure you look your absolute best in front of their lenses, one of my Prep and Go sessions is the way to go!

In a nutshell, my Prep and Go service is all about making getting glam a breeze. So if you're ready to look and feel your best without any of the hassle, why not book your session today?


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