Ashanta Morris

It all started for me at a very young age. In the early 90's when it was all about fashion and the super model, I would OBSESS over the style network and watch runway shows for hours.

Of course that obsession led to my desire to be a model. That dream was quickly adjusted as I realized I would never be tall and wafey (the model trend at the time).  I wasn’t dismayed by not walking the catwalk I simply drew my attentions to more behind the scenes in fashion design. As my education in sewing and fashion emerged I stumbled upon the Making Faces book by Kevin Aucoin. That instantly changed the trajectory of my focus. I rapidly put down my sewing kit and picked up makeup brushes. With my very limited resources I attempted EVERY look in that book on myself. It was in those moments, in my mother’s bathroom using my mother’s sparsely equipped makeup collection that I was hooked! I became a cosmetics addict. My first makeup purchase was a metallic blue lip lacquer from M.A.C Cosmetics and from there there was no turning back, I was in love! I went to school for esthetics and also got a degree in natural health so that I could offer an additional layer to my makeup knowledge and services. Not soon after I graduated from school  I freelanced for that same cosmetic company that started my love affair. Within 5 years of being a brand ambassador for M.A.C I branched off on my own to open a freelance hair and makeup artistry  company I call, CoQuet Studios, in Dallas, Texas. I worked on a lot of fun projects including Miss Texas and Miss America before I set my sights on Los Angeles. Upon my arrival I started a branch of CoQuet Studios named, LA Hair and Makeup. This company offers the full package; skincare, makeup and hair services for: weddings, photoshoots, special events and appearances. Its been a crazy ride, this beauty train, but I have enjoyed every turn, bump, sight, stop and passenger along the way. 


Professional Experience

Instagram | AshantaArtistry

Freelance artist TV/Film, weddings and special events 2003-present

Hair and Makeup Artist Dana Patrick Photography 2013-present

Hair and Makeup Artist David Muller Photography 2016-present

Million Dollar Listing HAMU Guest Appearance July 2016

All Good Things Production Chase Sam Robinson photographer June 2015

Jason Momoa Game of Thrones May 2014

Al Sharpton Jr. MSNBC News 2013

UFC 360

*Brittany Palmer

*Kenda Perez

Jay Leno Show-Sherri Shepherd

OMG! Insider Sherri Shepherd

Miss America 2013

Miss Texas 2012 – 2014

Miss Texas regional headshots 2010-2014

Miss Dallas America 2011-2013

Miss New Mexico 2011 & 2012

MAC Cosmetics 2001-2007 Assistant Manager, Artist, Product Specialist

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